WordPress allows comments on page and post by default. Sometime we need to disable the comments on the page or a post according to our need. To disable comments on WordPress page is a very easy job.

We need to follow the following east steps.

How to Disable Comments On WordPress Pages


1. Open a new page window and click on the small link on the left top of the page which says “Screen Options”



2. Clicking on â€śScreen Options” will open up a tab with several check on it. Check the box against “Discussion”.


3. Now go the area below the post editor you will see “Comments” with a check box. Its checked by default. Just uncheck the check-box and the comments will be disabled.

Denish Patel

Thanks alot for such enlightening efforts you are making to help us go on professional development and be intruduced to international education.

  • Mahantesh Gurav says:

    I am glad to know about the jargons of online learning. It would be a bit of a minefield if you did not get it explained to you.

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