Physical Security

Physical security covers all the devices, technologies and specialist materials for perimeter, external and internal protection of various infrastructure. This covers everything from sensors and CCTV to barriers, lighting and access controls. Physical security measures provide the first line of defense against intrusion or attack, and the most visible form of deterrence against unauthorized removal of information and assets.

Integrated physical security is a must. Apart from the legal and liability issues, it just makes sense to protect the facilities and people on whom you depend - to keep your enterprise safe and secure so that you can, hopefully, prevent an attack or, if one does happen, mitigate and survive it. The cost to mitigate and recover may be less than the cost to protect, so there always has to be a balance between protection and mitigation.

Our Expertise

SUCCEXA Total Solutions approach integrates security into all aspects and phases. Our overall expertise in Surveillance solutions, Access Control, IT Security, Sensors and IOT technologies and Analytics enable us to comprehensively assess the security requirements for the facility/enterprise/city and provide an integrated solution to address all the security requirements. We have proven experience in design of end to end security solutions including network, datacenter and command & control infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Our Integrated Solution comprises of all the components:-

  • CCTV Surveillance Solutions to continuously monitor, store and analyze video feeds from sensitive locations and provide alerts on abnormal events to help the security
  • Access Control System and Barriers to secure facilities, offices, datacenters, IT systems and other sensitive locations with RFID, Biometric and multifactor authentication and access control systems.
  • Sensors and IOT systems to sense occupancy, fire, environment, intrusion and other parameters for continuously monitor the quality & security of the environment.
  • Alarms for providing text, audio and visual alerts to the concerned authorities for taking the preventive or corrective action in case of an incident.
  • Screening Systems for scanning for people and baggage for identification of dangerous articles.
  • Integration of physical security & IT security to provide single unified security solution for the enterprises and facilities by integrating physical security control and multifactor authentication systems.
  • Intelligent Building Management Solutions for providing a centralized monitoring and control of security systems, utility distribution, HVAC and other systems.
  • Network Infrastructure for reliable and secure interconnection of various security devices and sensors to the central Datacenter for processing and storage of the data.
  • Datacenter for hosting the computing and storage infrastructure.
  • Command and Control Center for centralized monitoring of security events and carry out the standard operating procedures (SOPs) in case of any security incidents.